Michael Berends  

Michael was originally born in the Netherlands to an Indonesian Father and Dutch Mother who moved the family to Canada when Michael was 2 years old. But it was at the tender age of 5 when Michael’s love for this incredible art was born by receiving a simple magic kit. This in turn created an interest in many other forms of entertainment including, theatre, music, and dance. By combining these passions Michael was able to overcome his shyness and a speech impediment that he had developed as a young child and grew to confidently arise to the challenges of every day life and chase his dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.

Now as a professional performer for nearly 20 years Michael has taken his craft in a new direction by combining his love for performing with his other hobbies including extreme sports such as kite surfing, wake boarding, armature bodybuilding, snowboarding, skiing, and his training as an ex-gymnast to create feats of entertainment showing that he is an everyday guy who can do extraordinary things. These allow his performances to create an energizing and positive connection with audiences of any age and demographic no matter if he is doing extreme escapes and stunts that keep people on the edge of their seats, to making them laugh, or by warming their hearts with an emotionally motivating story illustrated by the art illusion.

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